Friday, April 27, 2012

The Secret Service

Well, certainly its no secret that these guys are a little sexually frustrated.  Alright, a lot.

But why the HELL is this national news every dang morning?  Doesn't America have more important things to worry about; like the collapsing economy, global warming, fascists trying to take over the country, billionaires not paying taxes......the list is endless.  But the focus, right now, here in America, it is the sexual behavior of a bunch of secret service agents in Columbia, where, by-the-by, prostitution is legal.

Here's the point......I don't care.  Unless these guys were charging for prostitution services on their government-issued American Express cards, I really don't care.  And neither should you.


Anonymous said...

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Citizen X said...

Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I consider the moral predelictions of a few secret service agents to be far less important than the moral bankruptcy of an entire nation.