Wednesday, April 10, 2013

900 Jobs Lost in Oshkosh

Well, perhaps Scott Walker's campaign promise should have been the disintegration of 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin.  That would have been more accurate.  Wisconsin - open for ridicule.

Just got the news that a major Wisconsin manufacturer of military junk is going to lay off 900 workers because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. 

This definitely proves the alarming fact that our nation's economy is based on the military/industrial complex.  We cannot thrive unless we're at war.  Like the Romans, the folly of that approach is a major step in the decline of the United States.  Our empire is starting to crumble.  Don't really feel bad about that.  Despite all the propaganda being shoved down our throats right now about that little gang man in North Korea posing a threat, most Americans are fed up with the conflicts into which we always mange to insert ourselves.  I don't think any Americans will tolerate any more media-created wars. 

Ah well.  I'm lucky.  Financially doing alright - but a far cry from like a far screaming howl from rich.  However, when you compare my life with the life of most people on the planet, I'm livin' the dream, no question.  I sometimes feel bad about how easy my life is.......and I wonder how people like Donald Trump and the Koch brothers ever sleep at night.  Oh I keep forgetting, these people are soul-less.

It is so easy to turn a blind eye to reality while we live completely isolated in our fantasy worlds.  We buy boats while kids all over the continent of Africa drink stagnant water, and die.  There is a lot wrong and I'm always concerned and curious about how any of it will ever be righted.  But, poetic justice is the one thing I believe in; it's my religion.  So I keep true to myself, I try to limit my carbon footprint, I do what I can when I can and I believe we all will get exactly what we deserve.


Mary Hood said...

Found your political blog while doing research on Behcet's disease. (No, I don't have it. fortunately) but shre many of your thoughts on the state of the US. And I live in very Northern Illinois, so I share your disgust with the recent weather as well.

Citizen X said...

Good to meet a neighbor. More rain today --- it's just an awful spring for both of us. Glad you don't have Behcet's Disease -- I am so lucky not to have all the terrible symptoms that go with the territory; what I do have is manageable so far. Hope my luck holds.