Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have To Do It

I have to complain about Wisconsin's climate, again.  Second week of April; rain, cold, snow predicted in a couple of days.  No wonder Norwegians are so dismal, disdainful, dour and a drag; they settled a place that is exactly like the same frozen wasteland they left in the old world.  Lack of imagination.  Lack of sunshine, lack of vitamin D.  Lack of smiles.  Lack of outdoor life.  Lack of compassion brought about by chilly temperatures; people here are chilled to the brain.

I am very quickly talking myself into hating this place rather than just disliking it.  It is so time for me to saddle up the palomino.

Things that suck the most about Wisconsin:

1.  The weather.
2.  The politics.
3.  The absence of any real spring.
4.  The absolute ignoring of the real problems that exist in the black community.
5.  No mass transit.
6.  No affordable housing for low income families.
7.  No jobs, and less jobs everyday.
8.  Poverty stricken urban areas.
9.  Snow.
10. Ice
11. Slush
12. Salt damaged shoes/cars/concrete/cat paws
13. Inner city war zones
14. Potholes in every street
15. Outrageous prices for simple utilities like electricity and water.
16. A city police force that is basically unaccountable, i.e., a police state.
17. Ugly fat alcoholics everywhere, especially driving the highways on weekends.

Okay, I've got that out of my system for a little while.  Sorry.  I just hate it here.

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