Monday, April 8, 2013

Scott Walker Begs for Money

In a letter to potential financial supporters, Scott Walker begs people to "not personalize" issues with his politics.

He also begs for money.

Scott Walker does not understand how personally thousands of teachers took it when he basically trashed their lives.  Asking them to not take it personally is tantamount to adding insult to injury.

Scott Walker demonized public employees and the unions that represent them.  I think that's taking things personally.  Now he says, basically, that was just good economic practice and a new vision for the state, but it wasn't personal.  I guess we're all lucky we are not living in Salem, MA a few hundred years ago, where he probably would have burned public employees at the stake.  Nothing personal, of course.

Scott Walker is going to have to beg for money, at least from most citizens in Wisconsin.  Never has a public figure been so reviled, at least not since Joe McCarthy went on his witch hunt.

The best thing that can happen is for Scott Walker to be removed from the governorship of the State of Wisconsin.  Every campaign promise he made, but failed to keep, should come back to haunt him.  Every underhanded, sneaky hidden agenda he pushed through should rise up and bite him like 10,000 venomous snakes. 

Every lie he has told should be a pound of bloody, raw, diseased meat he should be forced to eat, just so he knows how unpalatable his politics actually are to the thinking class.

In short, let Scott Walker beg on his knees for money; but don't contribute to your own seriously compromised future by this snake oil salesman and the pile of bull$hit he's selling.


AlexisAR said...

It's perhaps impudent for an eighteen-year-old to say a politician's words are studpid, but the idea of "don't personalize issues" with his politics but continue to give him money is like the Rainbow Coalition of some other gay/lesbian/bisexual organization to say to the LFDS Church, "Don't personalize issues with our stance; give us money even though you disagree with everything for which we stand."

Pardon my rudeness, but that is truly lame.

Citizen X said...

I agree, but Walker is truly lame. Since you're so young, I'm going to recommend a book by Jersy Kozinski titled "Being There". It is an honest lesson in how strange politics and perception can become. Furthermore, its a good story and a short read! I'll expect a book report from you, Alexis!