Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Election Results

I have only one thing to say.  Wisconsin is on the down road; it's as close to political hell here as Birmingham, Alabama was during the civil rights movement.  Enough said.  Get me out!  All I can say, if what exists now in Wisconsin can be considered a "supreme" court, we're all basically screwed.  Royally.

Meanwhile, let me speak to something that won't provoke my seemingly unfathomable depth of disgust for Wisconsin politics.

I saw the movie "Stoker" last night.  It is simply an awesome film experience.  Granted, it's an old idea for a horror film, but the Korean director conveyed so much emotion and cinematic artistry in this picture, that I felt absolutely enthralled at the end.

See this movie, if for no other reason than it is a fabulous piece of art. 

The reviewer in Milwaukee's own newspaper didn't think much of this film, but I think it just was simply over his head in so many obscure ways.  This is a thinking man's movie.  All I can say is "flowers don't choose to be a certain color, they just are".  Same with this movie; it didn't choose to be such an excellent work of art, it just is.

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