Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Daily Koch

Rumor has it that the billionaire industrialists, the Koch Brothers, are looking to buy eight major newspapers, which they will surely use as a method to get out their conservative message of less government (and less taxes for the uber wealthy).

This should be very concerning to American citizens who trust that journalism and the papers they read will be held to high standards. 

Fortunately, the focus group for the Koch's message do not read newspapers; depending instead on such media celebrities as Rush Limbaugh to form their ideas.  Whenever someone tells me they don't read newspapers, I, almost immediately, have a very biased idea about their IQ score.  Granted, it's unfair, but it's almost a Pavlovian response for me.  Doesn't read newspapers = doesn't even attempt to get much.

Once our media is firmly in the hands of people with a very definite agenda, it will be difficult to live in a supposed "free" country, because that free country won't exist anymore, except as designated by a bunch of suits deciding what information is acceptable to publish.

Big Brother rewrote all history in the novel 1984 and it is certainly possible that the Koch Brothers are America's own Big Brothers. 

If the Koch Brothers are going to go into the newspaper business, it spells big trouble for little people.  Beware of these bastards, people.  They are totalitarian, tax evading twits, out to twist history to their liking.


AlexisAR said...

This is grim news. The book hasn't arrived yet,BTW.

Citizen X said...

Yes, it is; corporations can't be allowed to run things. After Reagan deregulated many industries, we found out the true nature of a corporation is singularly predatory. Very concerning that soul-less entities can get close to being in charge of anything. Ooops, did I say that?? Forgot about the pope.

Anonymous said...

Let them buy as many newspapers as they like. I get my news off the internet. I hope these A$$Hools go bankrupt buying up all these newspapers. So long as they can't buy blogs like yours there will still be freedom of opinion.

Citizen X said...

Yes, these two predatory parasites are not worth the frustration spent thinking about them. May they both drop dead soon of natural and humiliating causes.