Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is the NRA America's Top Terrorist Cell?

The NRA constantly promotes the ownership of guns for all American citizens.  Let me clarify.  The NRA constantly promotes that every American should be able to own an assault rifle and unlimited access to ammunition.

Does this not promote terrorist principals?  The NRA says we need these guns to protect ourselves from a democratically elected government.  Excuse me?  Since I've lived in the United States, not one government agent has come knocking on my door, threatening my safety.  Not the President.  Not the Senators.  Not the Congressmen.  Not the Governor (although he does threaten my idea that I live in a rational world).  Not the Mayor.  In fact, not so much as a census taker has come to my door and made me believe I need to own an assault weapon.

I think the NRA is just a mouthpiece for gun manufacturers.  That fact, alone, should disqualify them as any kind of meaningful organization. 

The NRA needs to be abolished as its core values are in direct conflict with global peace.  Why we tolerate this group, America's very own Al Qaida, is beyond me.  I understand America has more rednecks than a Texas pool hall on a Saturday night, but do we honestly need to have these yahoos spewing their uneducated vitriol into every corner of our society?  You can dress a redneck in a suit and tie and give him national media coverage, but it doesn't change the fact that their message is the promotion of violence.

While we change the gun control laws in this land, let's also change the deeply entrenched idea that the National Rifle Association is an organization which does any good whatsoever.  They are America's very own, homegrown terrorist nation.  And they need to be stopped right along with the sale of assault weapons.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! The NRA needs to be seen as another Klu Klux clan.