Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Eve

Well, here it is, mid-term election eve. I live in Wisconsin, which, although the birthplace of the GOP, has been traditionally a progressive and democratic state. Until idiots like Sarah Palin and the tea party folks came on the scene, one could count on Wisconsin to vote with a certain amount of intelligence.

But, these are chaotic times in America. Sensibility has taken a back seat to republican rhetoric. Many people base all their political viewpoints on soundbites, television commercials, and just plain lies. Americans are lazy; no one will research the issues that would give them an honest assessment, and enable them to make an informed choice. They're too busy. Too busy doing what? Being lazy, stupid, and angry that they live in a country with lots and lots of lazy, stupid and angry people, whose only talent seems to be watching extremely biased television. What's sad is that these people turn up at the polls on election day, so we get a government of lazy, stupid and angry people.

Just the thought that someone like Scott Walker, a political hack with one of the worst records in recent history, might become our governor, is overwhelmingly monstrous to me. If this happens, I will leave Wisconsin, much faster than my current five year plan to relocate. I'm going to Costa Rica in February. I may not come back. It depends what I'm coming back to. If it's Governor Walker, well frankly, I'd rather come back to a state that's been invaded and conquered by Canada.

If Ron Johnson, a millionaire who spent millions of his own money on his campaign, replaces Russ Feingold as our U.S. Senator, I will be so tremendously embarrassed by the people in this state, living with fer de lance snakes in Costa Rica will seem like not only a reasonable alternative but the smart one. Better to live with snakes for which there is anti-venom available. Ron Johnson deserves to lose the $4,000,000 he spent on his campaign. The fact that he has that kind of money to invest in a campaign based on blatant misconception and ill-conceived rhetoric should speak volumes to Wisconsin voters. The last thing America needs is more millionaires in Congress.....or freakin' anywhere, for that matter.

So the mid-term election will have a great bearing on what is actually happening in this country. A Republican win will mean most intelligent U.S. citizens, have no voice in this country. If you have no voice, why stick around? The ignorant masses will be ruled by equally ignorant and conniving con-artists. That adequately sums it up.

But it leaves the more thoughtful people in this country up shit creek, which will only get more full of shit once the republicans repeal all the environmental regulations.

Here's hoping intelligence prevails.......but in a country like this, i.e., one that would elect George W. Bush twice, (well, okay, he did steal one of those elections) I'm not at all sure of anything. Except, America isn't what it purports to be, and as collective fools, we're sitting ducks for societies wiser than we are to take it all away.

Anyhow, maybe living closer to the equator will fry my brain a little and I won't get so freaked out, upset, livid, and mortified by what is happening in my country. As it continues to happen, though, being an ex-patriot seems the only intelligent choice I can make. I want America back, but I'm afraid it's going to take a revolution. And maybe that's not a bad idea.

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