Thursday, November 4, 2010

Erlaichda -- First Things Walker Will Do As Governor

1. Get lost between the Governor's Mansion and the Capitol.

2. Try to derail the (signed) contract for light rail. (Has to keep those oil companies happy)

3. Drop the brown bag lunches. I predict Walker will get as fat as Tommy Thompson did during his governorship in the next four years; both physically and financially.

4. Begin his quest to ruin the State of Wisconsin, as thoroughly as he ruined Milwaukee County. These are politics he can understand and implement.

5. Replace competent administrators with cheap hacks, like John Chianneli. Watch the appointments!

6. Destroy Badger Care.

7. Repeal the smoking ban.

8. Piss off (and on) every state employee on the payroll.

9. Repeatedly annoy 49 other governors.

10. Get hit by a bike while crossing State Street.

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