Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Candy is my Nemesis

I've just eaten another handful of candy corn, one of my favorites. I've crunched Kit Kats, devoured Three Musketeers, snarfed Snickers, put away Peanut Butter Cups like they were a cure for everything, chomped Twizzlers and basically, have become the most hallowed and huge halloween candy pig of leftovers.

I wish I could stop. Someone needs to remove this candy from my house, immediately. I've lived on nothing but candy for a couple of days now. Oh, I pretend I'm hungry when my husband serves me supper, but I'm so full of sugar and chocolate, I secretly feed the dog under the table anything healthy, and head to the secret stash as soon as my husband is not looking.

It's a terrible life, the life of a candy addict. We have no dignity, we will snatch candy from baby's hands. We will consume our weight in red licorice. We will lie to get candy and we will lie about how much candy we actually get. We will try and quit cold turkey constantly, but we will always find a gas station or candy store ready to serve our desires.

Sometimes I dream about candy. Flowers are romantic, but give me a bag of penny candy and I will fulfill your wildest fantasy. That little brown bag holding all those unknown treasures is more than I can handle. I love Belgian chocolate and I love Red Hot Atomic Fireballs. I am no candy connosiur, any candy will do, although gummy candy tends to be at the bottom of my list. Still, I'll eat it.

In the Food Pyramid, Candy is at the top for me. Candy Candy Candy. Can't get enough. I need sugar rehab.

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