Friday, November 12, 2010

Emperor Walker

Okay, so not only is the governor-elect a completely undereducated, incompetent political administrator, he is also a megalomaniac.

Mr. Walker is asking Governor (STILL GOVERNOR) Jim Doyle to put a hold on state government until he can take office. Hello. On what grounds does Emperor Walker stand ..... the hallowed ground of the misintended? Emperor Walker is not interested in governing the State of Wisconsin, he is only interested in promoting the agenda of the Republican Party, that is to say, the Party of Status Quo. No progress. No growth. No vision. Keep the rich rich, make more poor people so the rich can stay rich.

Wisconsin is on a bad road......heading for the same type of gung-ho, empty-headed politics as the State of Texas. gave us such wondrous people as George Dubya Bush. No one has to remember back too far what a fool George Dubya Bush was, as Governor of Texas (where they executed mentally retarded individuals) and as President, where his decision to invade Iraq cost (and is still costing) trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

So send a message to Emperor Walker. You'll get your chance to f*ck everything up soon enough, no need to start early. The damage you are capable of will surely become evident in the next four years. It's evident already. Please let a sensible governor finish his term before you take over Madison and infuriate every thoughtful citizen of this once great state.

Surely there is more damage you can do in Milwaukee County. Your thirst for power is mind-boggling. You are a camel whose been in the desert of local politics for far too long. Your itching to get to that watering hole and prove to your party that you are the right man to f*ck up the works.

You certainly argument from me there.

Emperor Walker is coming. And he's hungry!!!!

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