Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Train Wreck Named Scott Walker

Here we go, Wisconsinites. High speed rail is derailed The first act of idiocy by your idiot-elect:

"I don't see anything that would change my mind...." Scott Walker, speaking on the future of the high speed rail project between Milwaukee and Madison.

Mr. Walker's mind is firmly opposed and his pockets generously enriched by road builder and car manufacturer campaign contributions. This guy bought the election with a bunch of promises to rich old white men, whose time needs to be over if the United States expects to survive.

Walker is going to "ask" Congress to let Wisconsin keep the $810 million designated for the high speed rail project and use if for roads. If that doesn't give you a shining example of how clueless this moron is, I don't know what will.

None of the money provided to Wisconsin may be used for road or highway projects, or anything other than high-speed rail.

The high speed rail project was predicted to employ 4,732 people at its peak in 2012. So much for Idiot-Elect Walker and his promise to create jobs. The only thing Walker will create is a depressed state economy, an idle workforce, and hopefully many memorable lapses of intelligence, which I will continue to report here.

Always looking for a little bright side, and some small Erlaichda, this stupid son of a b*tch, Scott Walker, at least will be out of Milwaukee County politics soon.

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