Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's So Bad About Scott Walker?

First of all, what's so bad about wanting to transport large numbers of people efficiently and with little impact on air quality and the environment?

Nothing, right? A group of people riding a high speed train are leaving a carbon footprint far smaller than one person riding in a car between Point A and Point B.

So what's so bad about this? What is it that Scott Walker can't mentally grasp about high speed rail?

Oh, yes, the maintenance costs (which would employ people). This is a lie. Scott Walker could give a rat's ass about maintenance costs; Mr. Walker has to keep his large campaign donors happy. Scott Walker isn't smart enough to do the math about maintenance costs; if he was, he'd know they are irrelevant and not even a factor in the benefits of high speed rail.

Face it, Scott Walker is beholden to road builders and car manufacturers and dealers, who by the virtue of their businesses, do not want to bring the United States into the future with the use of alternative transportation methods.

What is so bad about Scott Walker, and people like him is that they FAIL, on every conceivable level, to get the fact that we are running out of oil. We are choking off the sustainability of Planet Earth with our continued burning of fossil fuels and by ignoring greenhouse gas emissions and the dangers associated with them. In short, we are destroying the land we live in so a few people can get rich.....Scott Walker's buddies.

I guess these people will finally get it when all is lost.....and probably not a second before. Even then, I'm sure their denial will be rampant as it is every time they are exposed as the butt-hole mental giants they are.

The United States of America is paralyzed because of politicians like Scott Walker; supposed conservatives, but who just really are all about maintaining the status quo. The status quo is killing us, and so is Scott Walker. This is what's so bad. Scott Walker is a killer.....of new ideas, of progress, and of intelligent life.

It would be interesting to put Scott Walker in an MRI and follow an idea in the thought processes of his brain. Of course, who has that kind of time; to sit and wait for an original idea to show up in Scott Walker's head? I'm sure his body would attack it immediately as a foreign entity, which it is.

Puppet Boy, Pawn of Big Bucks and Mouthpiece of the Rich and Ridiculous, that is Scott Walker. And that's what's so bad about him.

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