Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad Government for Wisconsin Already

One of the first orders Scott Walker gave to J.B. Van Hollen was to join a lawsuit challenging federal health care reform. 

I can't help but wonder why people who are aggressively powerful and atrociously right wing ALWAYS go after the most vulnerable members of our society.  Why do they actually believe that only rich people are entitled to good health care?  Is there some bank account related system of natural selection to which the Republicans subscribe? 

And for someone who claims to be frugal, why is Scott Walker joining a federal lawsuit that will only cost Wisconsin taxpayers money, and hopefully, if there is intelligent life in our judicial system, will be slapped to the ground by the Supreme Court?  Can this be considered fiscally frugal?  Aren't there enough red states involved in this lawsuit already?  Or is it just more posturing to show that the Republican bullies will do everything they can to derail a truly democratic society so we can go back to the time of robber barons, our heritage!

I heard that Scott Walker and his wife had to take dancing lessons so they wouldn't embarrass themselves at the Inaugural Ball.  Well, I suppose not everyone can dance, but you have to wonder if non-dancers hear or feel much of anything.  And though Scott Walker can't dance, he can tap dance, and he does so regularly around the truth.  Reminds me of a story from a Kurt Vonnegut book.

Aliens land in Black River Falls and notice that a farmer's barn is on fire.  They rush to tell the farmer to call the fire department, but the Aliens only method of communication is farting and tap dancing.  Naturally, the perplexed farmer scratches his head in confusion, while his barn burns to the ground.  I suppose he could have smelled the truth if there hadn't been such a stink in the air.

Is Wisconsin Burning?

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