Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Politics as Usual in Milwaukee County

Temporary County Executive Lee Holloway has given a top cabinet post, Director of the Department of Administrative Services, to Renee Booker.  For those of you with a short memory, Renee Booker ran the child welfare division for Milwaukee County, which triggered the state's takeover of that very troubled and financially disastrous agency.  The Department of Administrative Services oversees all of Milwaukee County's finances.  No stretch of the imagination can accept this as a sound act of a sound mind. 

This is cronyism at its worst.  What else would you expect?  Mr. Holloway is, after all, a slum lord, and now he can take the opportunity to turn Milwaukee County into the nation's largest slum.  I really feel avarice and ambition is detrimental to the politics of good governance.  This is why there should always be term limits on elected officials.  At least then only people who honestly care about government would get involved with it as a service, and not as a career. 

An interim ANYBODY should not be allowed to name anyone to cabinet posts. Mr. Holloway is trying to make a name for himself in the (hopefully) very short time he will hold the post of County Executive.  What Mr. Holloway does not understand is what that name will actually end up being. 

Mr. Holloway's power trip is off to a roaring start.  Now we have two clowns running things, one in the Governor's seat and one in the County Executive's office.

Tom Barrett must feel a little bit like Alan Bates in "King of Hearts"; the lone sane person in the asylum of Wisconsin politics.

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