Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wisconsin's New State Housing Director Doesn't Pay Taxes

Isn't it a trip and a half that Wyman Winston, recently appointed head of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority in Scott Walker's administration, was delinquent in paying property taxes in 2009 for six duplexes he owns on Milwaukee's north side.  The taxes were nearly a year past due; total amount owed:  $14,541.  What next, the head of the highway department who doesn't have a driver's license because of a long list of OWIs?

Welcome to the Madison, Mr. Winston.  As is typical, you fit right into Mr. Walker's administration; no ethics and no business sense.  Gees, are the citizens of Wisconsin in for the amusement ride of their life, "The Tunnel of Embarrassment".  Scott Walker.  Once a joke, always a joke.  This should be his slogan and his motto.

And speaking of old jokes, just what was in Walker's file cabinets, discovered as being emptied out after his rather hasty departure from Milwaukee County.

Let's speculate what was in those cabinet drawers.

1.  A map showing the exit out of the courthouse, which he referred to every night.
2.  A large list of questionable campaign contributors.
3.  A picture of Lee Holloway with lots of dart marks on his face.
4.  A bottle of gin.
5.  A picture of the White House in Washington D.C., semi-defaced by drool.
6.  Odor eaters.
7.  Fresh underpants for those many moments when he was under fire by everyone, and almost shat his pants.
8.  A "How to Determine if You're Suffering a Mental Illness" self test, never taken.
9.  A huge stack of I.O.U.'s to various special interest groups.
10. A Rubik's cube he's been working on since 1979.

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