Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Green Bay Packers

Whether or not you are a football fan or a Green Bay Packer Backer, it is hard not to get caught up in the amazing fever pitch that Wisconsinites have for their home town team.  You wouldn't believe all the businesses that are closed today here in Milwaukee.  When watching a game takes precedence over making a buck, you just KNOW this state loves it's Green and Golden Boys.

It's the 3rd quarter of the NFC Championship game between Green Bay and the Chicago Bears, and the Pack is up.  Still, it is hard, hard, hard for me to watch this game because I am kind of psyched about the whole team playing the best football of their career this year, and since I am what you would call a mainly noncommittal, unathletic and non-sports type of person, I feel like I might jinx them......and I do want them to win.  Fair weather fans are such a pain in the butt.  I love Chicago, but I've never liked the Bears, they are always so freaking arrogant.  The Packers deserve to go to the Super Bowl, much the same way the New Orleans Saints deserved it last year.

Anyhow, I came up here to write on my blog, because I'm nervous watching the last quarter of the game.  I don't hear my husband screaming, so I'm getting doubly nervous.  But I guess I'll go back and just sit through the nail-biter last quarter.  Hope I have good things to report tomorrow.

One thing for sure, with the beating Wisconsinites took at the polls last November, and a new republican party at the helm in Madison already creating situations of questionable ethics and abuses of power, Wisconsinites sure need something to feel good about.  Maybe the Packers win today could be just that perfect start to 2011 ---- since politically, it sucks here.

Then again, it's just a game, right?

Well, apparently everywhere but Wisconsin that would be true. 

Just a Little Later................
After the game ---- I think it's important to know who the real hero of the Big Green Bay Win actually was.  Not Rodgers.  Not Raji.  It was my dog, Tara, the WonderSpringer.

Tara was born and raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan; which means she's been raised to support the Vikings.  Always.  (Yoopers DO NOT support Detroit.  They try to distance themselves from the lower peninsula).

Anyhow, the Bears had the ball, and were starting to light up the scoreboard.  It was not looking good, and I had bitten off one of my fingernails already.  I looked at Tara and told her, in no uncertain terms, that she no longer supported the Vikings, she was now a Packer Dog.  She looked at me like I was nuts, with that one raised eyebrow she's so good at.  I got in her face and told her we needed an interception and a touchdown run and that she should work her dog magic and make it happen.  She's still giving me that dubious, nutzoid look, but the tail is wagging.  The very next play, B.J. intercepted and ran for the touchdown.  When I scream, my dog gets all riled up and nervous and assumes something major is wrong.  My dog deserved the chicken wings I fed her.  My dog is priceless, magical and a converted Packer fan. 

I'll be in Costa Rica for the SuperBowl.....but my dog will be here, and the dogsitter has instructions on telling her what plays we need when we need them. 

Go Tara.  Go Green Bay.  Go Wisconsin.  I guess it ain't all bad here, today!

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