Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Catholic Church

As a child, I was raised in a Congregational Church (I have since separated from Christianity as a religion; it just doesn't work for me).  However, when I was young, most of my friends were Catholic and I was fascinated by all the wild and ornamental rites and icons, pomp and circumstance.  Going to confession sounded so very scary to me.  I thought rosaries were the neatest thing and I loved that you had to kiss it if you dropped it.  The Catholic churches were pretty awesome too, compared to my little white dwelling with the tall steeple, where the biggest mystery and the best teachings revolved around how to be nice and do nice things in an increasingly ugly world.

Anyhow, my father used to wake me up on Sunday mornings and tell me to get to the bakery before the Crazy Catholics got out of church.  It used to make me so mad, I mean come on, he was already up; why didn't he go to the damn bakery?  But since he never asked for change from the $20 he gave me, I readily went.  On those days when I didn't beat the crazy Catholics out of mass, I was unhappy.  Catholics always had so dang many children and it was beyond me why they all had to troop into the bakery to each pick out their stupid cupcake.  There were always fifty Catholic people in Grebe's if mass got out before I got up.  And fifty more Catholics parking their station wagons. 

At any rate, I wasn't particularly interested in religion at that point in my life, I just thought the Catholics had a better place to worship than the protestants and cooler ritualistic stuff, like rosaries and communion wafers, stations of the cross and holy communions with really white dresses.

Flash forward to 2011.  My deceased father-in-law, Vince, was a devout Catholic and he made many donations to Catholic charities.  Vince died quite a few years ago, but we're still getting solicitations from the Catholic charities he supported.  My husband jokingly tells me that a dead man gets more mail than I do. 

The latest thing Vince got was a letter from the Office of The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, explaining why the Archdiocese was going to file for Chapter 11 Reorganization.

Well, there it was.  The most wealthy of all tax free organizations on the planet was going to file for bankruptcy so as to cut their losses for the actions of their pedophile priests, and the mismanagement of those pedophile priests by the church administration. 

The bastards had the audacity to include a flyer entitled "Creating a Safe Environment for Children and Young People".  You know what? If you want your children to have a safe environment, send them to the Lutherans or the Congregationalists, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus,  or the Universal Unitarians.  It's a little ridiculous to make a claim that the church, after centuries of ignoring the horror of child sexual abuse by pedophile priests would now come up with a plan to safeguard the little catholics.

Sorry.  The Vatican and the Catholic religion is corrupt.  That's my final determination after spending a little time looking into their history. 

And here is another thing I believe.  Evil won't show it's face on the planet as a hoofed, horned devil with a tail and a bunch of minions from hell to do evil's bidding.  It will masquerade as something good and wonderful; something you can sink your beseeching teeth into for all its glory; that is the seduction of evil. 

I'm intolerant of people who abuse the most vulnerable members of a society. 

I am appalled by the Catholic church and believe it to be one of the biggest mockeries perpetrated against an unquestioning, gullible public.  The fact that the Catholics are filing bankruptcy is just an indicator of how morally bankrupt they are.  No one on the planet has more money than the catholic church.  And its all blood money.

Of course I also believe that everyone has the right to believe what they wish.  I just don't know how catholics wrap their heads around the atrociousness of the Church's actions.  I guess some would call it blind faith.  I call it like I see it; an opiate for the masses who are too uncreative to come up with their own religious doctrine.

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