Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Know I'm Not Pregnant-Why Do I Have Morning Sickness?

I really wish network television would pay more attention to programming issues so they don't cause unnecessary illness in the viewing public.

This morning, I was treated to Sarah Palin's face discussing "blood libel".  Sarah Palin's face is enough to inspire a real retch reflex in me.  Her ignorance is legendary, and yet, her media coverage continues to grow.  Americans are fascinated by the aberrations of our society.

Next, I see Dick Cheney discussing his memoirs.  Anyone who wants to read Dick Cheney's memoirs is suffering a serious obstacle to anything resembling a life.  Dick Cheney?  Please.  Unless he wants to tell us how he "accidentally" mistook someone's ass for a bird during a hunting trip, who the F cares about anything Dick Cheney has to say.  He needs to go to the place where old Warmongers go to die.  Apparently, Mr. Cheney is waiting to see if he qualifies for a heart transplant.  News Flash.  He doesn't.

Finally, there is footage of Ronald Reagan in full Hollywood makeup giving a speech, and an image of his son, claiming the President had Alzheimer's Disease during his oval office tenure.  I don't think any American is particularly surprised by the son's allegation, but wasn't living through Ronald Reagan's speeches once enough punishment for any American?  Even when old blowhards die, they come back to haunt us.

Again, the GOP lives in the past.  The media and desperately greedy book publishers help them revisit that past on a regular basis.  For those of us living in the now, can we lay these less than stellar political figures to rest and put them in the past where they belong.  I'm dreaming of a sane future......I seriously doubt I'll find it here in Amerika.

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