Monday, January 3, 2011

Scott Walker's Swearing In Photo

I'm particularly biased against Scott Walker, so maybe it's just me, but the idiot looks as if he's giving the Nazi salute with his hand raised so high in the air at the podium.  I can almost hear the "sieg heil". 

At any rate, here it is, Walker sworn in as our governor.  Ugh. 

All of these radical right wing politicos and their sponsors seem to have one thing in common; membership in The Heritage Foundation, a right wing group dedicated to fighting any progressive change in America.

Let's take a look at that.  What's so great about American Heritage in the first place?  I mean, really, if you can get past the red, white and blue bull (oops) propaganda, America has a long history of negative behaviors.

We stole this land from Native Americans.

We endorsed slavery and fought our only civil war over it.

George Washington kept slaves.

Thomas Jefferson, surely a part of our heritage, fathered children with his slave gal, Sal.

We were first to use the atomic bomb.

We basically ignored what was happening  to the Jews, the gypsies, the blacks, the mentally ill, etc. in Nazi Germany, and by the time we did take a look at it, six million people had been slaughtered like animals.

We fought a phantom enemy in Vietnam, an enemy totally engineered by the military-industrial complex, and lost 55,000 soldiers --- for NOTHING!  Next time you're at a sporting event in a large arena, look around and try to put that in perspective.  55,000 people is a lot to lose; not to mention the ones who came home maimed or strung out on drugs.  You put sane people in insane situations, you take away their sanity.

It took one hundred years for black people to attain the same rights as white people after slavery was abolished.  And in some cities, like Jackson, Mississippi, "it ain't never gone happen at all, ya'll".

Anyhow, these groups whom are dedicated to "saving" America's Heritage don't have a clear idea of what America's heritage encompasses.  They see eagles soaring over great western canyons.  I see innocent black men lynched in trees.  We are not the greatest nation on the planet; there probably isn't one.  We are certainly one of the most dysfunctional though.  And that's the heritage these right wing clowns want to preserve. 

Catfish and Crocodiles; we're in a hell of a murky mess here!

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