Friday, January 14, 2011

King Walker Scotty God

The very saddest thing about an incompetent person being in a position of authority is watching their first attempts at overstepping reasonable boundaries.   It's sad because by very virtue of their incompetence, they don't get how unreasonable their actions will be perceived. 

Scott Walker's latest power trip is a bill proposed to sidestep a Department of Natural Resources' review of a wetland at a Green Bay-area retail project.  This bill is drawing sharp criticism from environmentalists, while also signaling King Walker Scotty God's willingness to use his gubernatorial powers to advance his economic agenda.

Why would King Walker Scotty God try to weaken the authority of a regulatory agency?  King Walker Scotty God actually believes that state regulatory agencies have become too powerful, and has vowed to streamline the agencies to be more business-friendly.  In other words, King Walker Scotty God believes far more in the business of a buck than he does in an environmental issue.  Not a real surprise, but it is disheartening to see that an undereducated schmuck like Scott Walker can skirt the REAL issues in the name of money and business.

Why do Republican politicians only see things in terms of dollar signs?  Wisconsin lost the high speed rail route.  Republicans hail this as so wise and correct and such a victory.  But when we're all standing on the side of the road because we can no longer drive our cars due to environmental impact, or lack of gasoline, or something more intense and imaginative, won't we be ruing the day King Walker Scotty God canned the train we now wish we all could board?  Ah, but I speak of the future, a murky impossibility for the likes of King Walker Scotty God to grasp. 

There is no future to a Republican, only a past they'd like to revisit forever so they can pay homage to the dollar they spent that day and worship it on reverent knees.  There is only one God for a Republican, and it is money.  If you don't have any, you are Godless.  Remember that you poor folks.  You are the atheist enemy to the Republican party.  But they won't say a prayer for you.....God NO!  Sacrilege!  Being poor means God doesn't love you.  At all.  (I say, keep the faith, the meek shall inherit the earth, sooner than you might think!)

King Walker Scotty God wants more power in the hands of elected officials and less in regulatory agencies.  This guy's ego trip has clearly gone nuclear.   If he's not careful, his head will explode from all that Power Dreaming.  Alas, that scenario wouldn't create much of a mess.  King Walker Scotty God got no brain, got no guts, got no glory.  He does have this tremendous ego, though.  Citizens of Wisconsin, you need to watch his power grab and not hesitate to trim this guys sails.

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