Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dick Cheney Gets a Heart?


Dick Cheney jumps to the head of the heart transplant list?  A fascist, heartless, old rich white S.O.B.  warmonger like Dick Cheney getting a heart when decent, coronary diseased people everywhere have to suffer and wait awhile longer?

Dick Cheney didn't need a heart; he needed a brain. 

Gees.  Now I've heard everything.  What's next?  

Scott Walker getting testosterone to solve his mommy complex?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser getting wrestling lessons (with special emphasis on choke holds)?

Rick Santorum getting a vasectomy so he can't reproduce?

Newt Gingrich sent to obedience school to train the dog out of him?

I'm sorry.  These are America's politicians, and is this the kind of barrel bottom scraping that we have come to accept as, well, acceptable?

Please, get me out of this country.  I feel as pathetic as the republican slate of candidates.

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