Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prosser Faces Ethics Charges

Isn't it satisfying that Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is now facing ethics charges for putting a fellow Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice in a choke hold. 

He also called the chief judge a "bitch". 

Both of these Prosser victims were women. 

Supreme Court.


Part of Walker's Totalitarian Takeover of the State of Wisconsin. 

Prosser --- scared to death of women and their bodies (especially the reproductive parts).  This bitch on a bus thinks castration is too good for him.  He needs a lobotomy.  Now.  Free lobotomies to all republicans. 

And as long as I'm on a roll here, let's talk about Oil Can Scotty's latest television commercial where he says he balances the state budget.   We are at the bottom of the national dung pile when it comes to jobs lost.  Yet, there is the bald, lazy-eyed son-of-a-bitch touting his record.  He claims he is moving Wisconsin forward (in jobs lost, maybe), and that all you have to do is look at the unemployment record to see how successful he is.  Face it.  People in Wisconsin have used up their unemployment benefit, or have just simply given up looking for a job because there aren't any jobs to be found.  Walker's comparing horse$hit and bat guava.  But what would you expect from a moron?  I even have to give Walker credit in that he is the highest ranking mentally challenged person I've ever seen, at least since Ronald Reagan.  We ought to send him some Cosmo Kramer basketball jump shoes to complete the picture of the perfect Idiot.

Anyhow, it's politics here as usual in Wisconsin, although 76 degrees on St. Patrick's Day is anything but usual.  But, according to the republicans, (maybe we should change their name to repubicans, since they seem to have fallen off some big hairy thing's sweaty, smelly groin) there is no global warming.  

To all my Irish friends, Happy St. Pat's!  May your glass be raised to the Emerald Isle on this fine day.  Wish I was in Dingle!

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