Friday, March 9, 2012

Walker's Legal Defense Fund

Walker, despite proclaiming that he is not under investigation for campaign violations, has set up a legal defense fund.  It's like hiring a lawyer two weeks before your wedding to handle your divorce.  If Walker is innocent and not the target of the investigation, then why set up a legal defense fund?  Poor Scotty.  Even his criminal activity is amateur.  I'd love to see this S.O.B. with a number on his back.  Can you imagine a disgraced governor in Columbia Correctional?  He won't have an easy time.  Of course, no inmate does, but hey, he could at least finish his degree.  He could also get a first hand lesson in how cutting DOC's budget created problems he hadn't thought of.  Walker seems to learn everything the hard way, if he learns anything at all.  One wonders.

Walker stinks.  His administration stinks.  And he's stinking up Wisconsin so bad, we all have to hold our noses.  On the bright side, a stinking Wisconsin could keep the summer FIB population down.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a FIB is a F*cking Illinois Bastard who spends summer in Wisconsin because Illinois is just about as boring as plain yogurt (except Chicago).

I have to laugh at all the people who are standing with Walker.  How are you going to spin  an indictment?  Shame on you.  Have you no dignity?  As I've said before, stand with Walker, walk away with scabies.

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