Friday, March 2, 2012

Why is America SOOOO Bi-Polar?

I can't help but notice that two out of every ten people I cross paths with these days has either bi-polar disorder or some other personality disorder that makes it impossible to want to be around them.

Is it the water?  Have we put enough plastic processing by-products into our drinking supply that some of us turn up with major brain disorders?

Is it the air?  Is America's air so tainted, it's choking off the oxygen supply to our brain?

Is it the food we eat, which, if you're not eating organic, is completely tainted with chemicals? 

Or is it just that America's karma is being leveled, and instead of being the powerful meanies of the big, bad world, we're now just the powerless victims of our self-created mental illness? 

Whatever it is, what a screwed up place to live.  I'd like to go to Ireland.  Weather is not the best, but the people are quite lovely.

I'd like to go to Belize.  I've never been a place quite like it, where poor people are about ninety times happier and nicer than most Americans.

I'd like to go to Costa Rica.  The only crazy there seems to be the ex-pats who drive like coked up $hitheads.

Well, dreams are free.  I am open to offers of making my dreams a reality.

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