Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Oil Can Scotty Legislation in the Courts

Well, the highly restrictive voter I.D. law that Walker and his droogs managed to put into law, has now been stopped, via judicial system and two, count 'em, two injunctions.  This legislation did violate the Wisconsin constitution, but when did that ever stop Walker and his droogs from passing biased laws to further their cause.

What is their cause?  To prevent voters from poor neighborhoods from voting.  By doing so, they have an unimpeded opportunity to trample disenfranchised people several ways.

The powerful thugs who make up Scott Walker's administration are going to see the error of their ways, via recall elections.  Every republican senator up for recall SHOULD be recalled.  That's, frankly, too good for them.  They should also be prevented from ever holding public office again.  That fate certainly should belong to Oil Can Scotty, too.  Of course, anyone with half a mind wouldn't touch Walker with a ten foot voting ballot.

And just as an afterthought, judges generally vote in elections.  We don't have ANY right to ask them who they voted for before we ask them to recuse themselves from a case.   So if they signed a recall petition, it's none of our business.  It is public record, but it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the ability to fairly adjudicate legal cases according to the letter of the law.  The republican legislators in our state have proven themselves to be little less than totalitarian dictators, happy to stomp the rights of people they deem "less worthy".  

As I've said before, everything Oil Can Scott tries to legislate ends up in the courts, ends up costing taxpayer dollars and ends up stinking almost as mightily as Herr Governor himself. 

Is is possibly true that America is a land of fools governed by bigger fools?  It certainly seems so in Wisconsin.

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