Friday, March 30, 2012

Political Runs

Tom Barrett throwing his hat in the ring in the recall election of Scott Walker.  I respect Kathleen Falk, immensely, but I live in Milwaukee, and I have seen the dedication of Mayor Barrett in the face of tremendously adversarial conditions, like having to work with then County Executive Scott Walker.  Mayor Barrett managed to save this city from the near death experience Walker tried to invoke.  Barrett:  he's intelligent.  He's experienced.  Both eyes work.  'Nuff said.

There was a whisper somewhere that Mitt Romney might pick Wisconsin's most loyal Nazi, Paul Ryan, as his running mate.  Paul Ryan.  The Man Without An Ounce of Compassion.  Paul Ryan.  Get Freakin' Serious.  What is this country on?  Meth?  Better hope not; no chance for dental insurance under these two carpet baggers.   Of course, this pairing could spell a landslide for Obama.  Romney Ryan.  Sounds like a cheap case of pi$$ poor rum.

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