Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swingin' Cat Walker

You can't swing a cat these days without hitting television and radio waves announcing the great job Scott Walker is doing as Governor of Wisconsin.

Yet, we are number one in jobs lost.  Wisconsin's economy is simply not recovering.  Of the promised 250,000 jobs that failed to materialize, Scott Walker is still blowing his horn.  Or blowing something.  Based on the size of his delusion, someone should see if there's a meth lab operating in Maple Bluff. 

Why do Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers, and all the other one per centers think the people of Wisconsin are stupid?  Probably because we are.  We elected this wretch of a human being, after all.  GOPPERs are stupid by nature, but the democrats who didn't vote in Wisconsin's most important election are equally stupid.  The one per centers are banking on our continued stupidity (combined with whatever other underhanded methods they can illegally legislate) to keep this horse's a$$ in power, despite his many failures. 

On the bright side, it's so DANG fun to watch the Koch Brothers and other uber rich people pour their ill-gotten monies into this recall election.    Nothing makes me happier than watching the rich lose money!

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