Friday, January 11, 2013

Alien Intervention Anyone?

Well, what this planet needs is a good plague, something to wipe out 78% of the population so that the ones left standing can either work out a viable plan or kill each other off rapidly.  Killing each other off could be easily accomplished by clinging to antiquated notions like those currently in place and being voted on in the House of Representatives at this very moment.

Or how about alien intervention.

Really smart extra-terrestrials land here.  With one look, they can heal you from anything that ails you.  They can turn stagnant water fresh with a point of a magic alien stick.  They can clean the air and the oceans.  They can feed everyone a Tang-like super nutritious substance that will magically cure hunger and provide perfect nourishment.  They can remove all violence from brains with a simple laser procedure (not necessarily on the brain).  They can disassemble a monetary system and erect a Utopian community where everyone's talents are exposed, honed and shared. Everyone is satisfied. 

Would you invite these space strangers in? 

Of course you would not.  You're a stupid human deemed to ride this rock to its death, like some poor old war horse.  You're programmed to never be satisfied.  To you, an equitable society sounds a lot like going to some fundamentalist church for three hours every Sunday and then being fed liver and shame.

But the aliens will be waiting for you, someday.  Don't worry, though, you won't become legend in a cosmic cookbook featuring manwhiches.  That has to be the equivalent of feeding a filthy pig to a Muslim in any advanced civilization. 

Yep, it's Friday.  I'm burned out.  God created the world in seven days.  I've created a black hole of depression for all of you.   Your welcome and f*ck off.


Paul Kirby said...

Tough week, huh?

Citizen X said...

It was a very tough week. Kids who can't read. 1st graders bringing weapons to school. Yikes. We're in for it here in the good ole USA.