Monday, January 7, 2013

I Wonder?

I wonder how corporate America keeps pulling off the mass fleecing of American citizens (case in point:  WE Energies rate hikes) and the American people just sit and take it.  WE Energies penalizes "green" industries and industries who use significant lower amounts of energy, because they are not feeding the corporate pig.  We take this.  We shouldn't.   I believe a federal agency should investigate WE Energies as they are wholly corrupt and consumed by their own greed.  What they need is to be broken up. 

I wonder how banks justify ARM mortgage rates that are so high, many American families lost their homes because of them, while at the same time, these same banks pay less than 1% interest on savings accounts.  The banking industry is so skewed against the consumer, one must check balances everyday to insure no irregularities are occurring in accounts.  Further, these banks manipulate data.  For example, you have $1 in your checking account.  You deposit $20.  You then write a check for $19.  The bank will manipulate the data to say you wrote the check before you deposited the cash, and charge you a ridiculously unfair fee.  Banks manipulate your financial data all the time......and no one seems outraged about this, probably because no one pays close enough attention to what is actually going on in their accounts.  That's just stupid these days, when access to your information is readily available any minute of the day.  But it is unconscionable that these banks, who already are magnificently wealthy, view their customers as just another mark.  The banking industry is a con game.

I think it would be ridiculously easy for the American population to shut down these insatiable greed machines by just refusing to pay.

Refuse to pay your mortgage.  Refuse to pay your electric bill.  Refuse to pay your credit card statement and finally, refuse to file a tax return after going tax exempt. 

There is safety in numbers.  When will Americans finally have enough of corporate gouging and start fighting?


Paul Kirby said...

If capitalism is the new religion, the banks are its temples and bankers its high priests. When Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008 and other banks in Europe followed suit along with a panic in international stock markets, a little part of me was glad. Perhaps it was the beginning of the end and we could rebuild a new society from the ashes. Really I should have known better. Private debt run up by the banks and property speculators was socialised and a transfer of wealth from poor to the wealthy began in order to prop up the status quo. In Ireland the collapse of Anglo-Irish Bank and debts incurred by others have ruined us. We have bailed them out to the tune of billions. A trioka consisting of the IMF, the EU and the ECB now control the country. My wife and I are out of work. Budget cut after budget cut are piled on top of the people in order to pay back this bank bailout. James Connolly, an Irish trade unionist and revolutionary who was executed by the British in 1916 put it like this: “Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to maintain the capitalist class.” Its as true now as it was then. What to do abou it? The global Occupy Movement was quickly suppressed as soon as it became a source of embarrassment to the authorities and had started to gather some momentum. I think its prospects for success were limited anyway but it had some good potential. The best way is to get organised and get involved any way you can. I've pasted a link to three great songs which some it all up better than I can.

Citizen X said...

Yes, its time for a global revolution ala Mahatma Ghandi; passive resistance and just refusing to pay to make the rich richer.

Let's start a revolution! How hard can it be?