Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keith Best is the Worst -- Liar

Unfortunately, I sometimes read the Milwaukee Urinal for lack of any other substantive news source here in Milwaukee.  And for amusement, I read the Letters to the Editor, because if one wants to gauge the level of intelligence in an area, reading these letters is key!

Today's letter comes courtesy of Keith Best, Member of the Executive Board of the Republican Party of Waukesha County (everyone who is anyone hates Waukesha County). 

Let me dissect his letter, line by line.  My comments are in italics.

"Over the past few years, Wisconsin has undergone a complete makeover".

Sure has.  From pristine, natural beauty to the ugly sister with a black, hairy mole on her soul.

"Despite reckless spending and other disastrous financial policy at the federal level, Wisconsin has seen its workforce go back to work".

Er, yes, but, they went back to work from high paying manufacturing jobs to minimum wage hotel door man jobs. 

"Under the previous administration, our state lost 150,000 jobs". 

We've lost that many  and more jobs and new business ventures since Walker took office.  Hell, Doyle's administration was a model of dignity and democracy compared to this roving band of one track minded zealots.

"The workforce was under trained and needing help".

Well, come on.  It still is under trained and needing help.  But how much training do you need to open a door or flip a burger or say hello to some freak of nature at Walmart?

"So Gov. Scott Walker has seen to it that our workers received the training and skills they need to fill jobs that are in demand."

You betcha.  There's nothing like watching your family starve to death to motivate one to take any crap job in the world that pays $8 so you can be turned down at the food pantry, because you're employed.

"Also, through reductions in red tape and administrative costs, we have seen more money flood into the classroom."

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  I work in a school.  There is no flood of money, but the bull$hit flooding out of Mr. Best's mouth is legendary.  That's one thing you can always count on from a republican, to blatantly lie at every opportunity.  Tell a lie enough and it becomes a truth......well, it will to another republican.  Most of us are conscious of this ploy of the uncreative, by now.

"By eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, Walker has helped make reforms that have led to millions in savings for the taxpayers".

Walker's staffers, when he was Milwaukee County Executive, have gone to trial and been found guilty of various fraudulent activities.  The economic development agency that Walker set up is under investigation for total mismanagement, and the loss of millions of dollars to the taxpayers.  Walker himself is the subject of a John Doe investigation because the guy is as corrupt as Huey Long.  Just think of the waste Walker could eliminate if he would just move to Louisiana.  I apologize, Louisiana.....that was a rotten thing to wish on you.

"If the next two years are anything like the last two, Wisconsin is going to continue moving forward".

Eeeeeyupppp, right into total anarchy and a final comeuppance on shameless, lying sack politicians.

Keith Best ----- don't let him near your kids or your brain!  And keep him out of newspapers.....even rags like the Urinal.

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