Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Walker's Success Story

Walker, while campaigning for governor, promised the creation of 250,000 jobs. 

Golden Guernsey, a Waukesha-based dairy plant, just locked out its employees and filed bankruptcy - in the State of Delaware.  There was no compliance with State of Wisconsin plant closing regulations, just a bunch of people out of jobs, and probably their pensions.

Scott Walker is a lying son of a bitch who should be run out of the state for gross misconduct in public office.  May all the disgusting havoc he has brought to this state return to him tenfold.  He and his over eater wife should be forced into a tent city to spend the rest of their days, preferably in Syria.

Wisconsin ranks 42nd in job creation in the nation.  For all of you math whiz geniuses who reside here, that's 8th from the bottom.  This is what happens when the electorate puts an idiot motherf*cker in charge of anything.  The people of Wisconsin allowed this moron into the Governor's mansion; tell me what its going to take to force him out?  And Tonette Walker wants a new kitchen?  Call Jenny Craig.  Have your meals delivered.  I'm sure you can find a way to do this and stick the expense to Wisconsin citizens, yet again.  The Walkers are the scourge of Wisconsin and may they long go down in history as the morally bankrupt, hopelessly stupid people they actually are.

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