Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ron Johnson is Like My Sister - and that ain't good

Continually embarrassing himself, Ron Johnson felt it necessary to find someone to blame over the attack on a U.S. embassy in Libya. 

The blame game is really easy to get into; just look at the American court systems and the clogged court calendars with stupid cases designed to blame someone into giving money.

You spill coffee on yourself and it's too hot?  No problem.  You're not the klutz, the vendor who sold you the coffee is.  And you get paid.  Ridiculous.  Yet everyday, someone gets paid for their own stupidity.  Man, everyone in America would be a millionaire if we paid out regularly for stupid.

Ron Johnson wants to play the blame game instead of finding real solutions to the world's real problems.  It's probably because on same base level, Ron Johnson understands that he is part of the problem and incapable of solutions.  Being offensive, in his case, is his best defense.  A bully's manifesto.

Ron Johnson presumes to understand that playing the blame game will help his republican party look better than the buttholes they actually resemble.  What he fails to perceive is that blaming anyone for anything that is so obviously beyond their control is a cowardly act.  But then, bullies are cowards.  They're also self-righteous and believe they understand complex situations that are clearly beyond their limited capability of comprehension.

Reminds me of one of my family members, who is so pious under her robe of deceit that she could never see herself as anything but a morally perfect person.  Thankfully, the Hillary Clinton's of the world, and I, can see that these phony emperors aren't wearing any clothes.  And the naked truth is pretty ugly.

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