Friday, January 25, 2013

Sheriff Clarke -- Open Mouth, Insert A$$

Well, if you didn't believe it before, perhaps you will reconsider now.  When one of the top law enforcement officers in the State of Wisconsin tells citizens to arm themselves and come out blazing, you have to wonder about the level of dementia Sheriff Clarke seems to be suffering.

Okay, I guess it's the same as telling all the good people to go out and buy white clothes, and all the bad people to go out and buy black clothes, and let's have a shoot out at the not so o.k. corral, otherwise known as the streets of Milwaukee.

Clarke has really made a disaster out of what once was considered a fine Sheriff's Department.  When I see the guy's face on television, I turn up the volume, because I know another historic moment in Wisconsin Stupid is about to be made, and I don't want to miss it.  Call it a self-actualizing moment.

For anyone in law enforcement to promote the purchase of guns and the escalation of gun violence is about as terrible as things can get.  It's like Ms. Manners, Judith Martin, turning tricks.  The very idea!  Does anyone have any trust left for Sheriff Clarke?  Does Ms. Manners send a hand-written thank you note to a John who was an exceptionally generous tipper?

Add to this latest debacle, courtesy of Sheriff Clarke's ignorant mouth, the fact that he is wasting taxpayer money with lawsuits against the county.  Milwaukee County government may be a bit inept, may have some corruption, and may not have the best interests of it's citizens at it's core, but it still recognizes a dangerous employee, and that's what Sheriff David A. (I know what the A should stand for) Clarke is.  A dangerous man, with demented ideas.

Someone Chapter 51 this guy, please, before he unleashes anymore idiotology onto a clueless public.

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AlexisAR said...

That is pretty bizarre coming from the mouth of a sheriff. I can't imagine him wanting his own department to deal with so many arms on the streets. oh, right. just the good people will arm themselves.