Thursday, January 3, 2013

Revolution Anyone?

I'm sick of this f*cking country, with a capital S. 

I'm sick of every politician in Washington D.C., and they should all just go the way of the Mohican's.  Nothing like f*cking up everything - this is what old, rich white men do, and this is the only thing they succeed at.

I'm sick to death of being gouged by every possible a$$hole out there selling a product, a service, or some ridiculous ploy to separate good citizens from their hard-earned cash.

I'm sick of Americans and they're apathy, as well as their unbelievable capacity to behave irresponsibly and immorally.

This country should just drop wholly dead......just lay down and give up, because there is NOTHING left here worth saving.

I need to get out of this truly God-forsaken $hithole of a nation and find a place that's sane.  Maybe we're not Syria where the government is bombing and gassing its residents, but what this government is doing to average citizens is not that different, its just more subtle and absolutely as damaging.

I hate what the United States has become.  If you don't feel like I do, you're just not paying attention.  But then the average attention span of a U.S. citizen is nothing to write home about it, either.


Paul Kirby said...

We are collectively suffering from acute capitalism which has become an unchecked global epidemic. When they talk about 'freedoms' its the 'freedom' to choose Pepsi over Coca-Cola, Nike over Adidas, Burger King over McDonalds and so on. I chose these brands as examples not simply because they are American brands – they are global brands. The problem is not confined to the US. There is BP and Unilever in the UK. Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands, Gazprom in Russia etc. etc. Huge companies with incedible influence over our lives.
The only way to deal with all of this to take a stand, one person at a time. It may take generations but so be it. Only today I came across this quote from Albert Camus: “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Camus was a philosopher so I'm not sure what being absolutely free means. I don't think he meant abandoning civilization totally and heading for a cave in the hills. I think he suggests that we not enslave ourselves by the choices we are forced to make. Around the world there are people whose lives are an act of rebellion. Lives certain groups would like to destroy.

Citizen X said...

Yes, you're right, absolutely. I am totally disgusted by capitalist pigs who seem bent on destroying all that is truly beautiful. Trying not to be enslaved is a righteous act, but it seems like such an uphill battle; can't get people to even begin to understand the corporate chains that surround them.