Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Dyslexic Governor-Elect Scott Walker

Talgo, the high-speed train car manufacturer, is pulling it's business operations out of Wisconsin, after all of Mayor Tom Barrett's efforts to bring them here, creating at least 125 jobs.

Talgo is pulling out because Scott Walker shot dead any plans to build high-speed rail in Wisconsin, due mainly to his indebtedness to the Wisconsin Road Builders Association, and their enormous contributions to elect this horse's arse.

Now many of us remember that Scott Walker promised to create jobs in Wisconsin; it was one of his most powerful promises.  Too bad it was all lip-service, but lip-service is what Scott Walker excels at; especially puckering up and kissing the hairy asses of the ultra rich and democratically challenged.

This writer concludes that Mr. Walker is politically dyslexic.  Instead of creating jobs, he managed to get rid of 125 brand new ones.   But this can mean good things for Wisconsin.  Walker promised to be a great governor.  My prediction is he will fail so miserably at this that we will all get to watch him be impeached.  Waiting for that magical moment, which is sure to come, is just a little bit of agony, but come it will.  Idiots should know their place.  Mr. Walker, as stupid as he is, will surely learn his.

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