Sunday, December 19, 2010

This, That and the Other

I'm waiting for Governor-Elect Scott Walker to tell us who will be named to his cabinet posts. The Clowns in the Cupboard. Anyone who politically aligns himself with Mr. Walker will have a very short-lived career.

Meanwhile, Christmas is just around the corner. Holiday spirit is pretty good this year. Had an interesting coversation with a nice couple who were trying to find something to give to his mother. I'm sure everyone has a family member who NEVER likes anything they receive (selfish, self-absorbed morons), feigns delight in the object and then puts it somewhere never to be seen again. I have a few suggestions on where those people should put their unappreciated gifts.

What is it with people like this? Are their lives so miserable and uninspired that they have to find fault with a gift? Do they really expect their families to keep up with their ever changing whims of taste?

I know people like this, have several in my family. Nothing is ever quite good enough for them. They are fault finders who take their jobs very very seriously.

To all of you less than gracious people who take up so much space in the world. Merry Christmas! And give the gift that keeps on giving this year, shut the F*ck up for a change.

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