Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emperor Walker's Coming - Hide the Poor, Start Running

Well, instead of enlightening the good citizens of Wisconsin with his cabinet picks, Mr. Walker is busy trying to figure out ways to make sure all rules governing State of Wisconsin agencies are approved or dismissed by him. Mr. Walker truly is on a power trip, the likes of which hasn't been seen since Nixon and Watergate.

Not that this is bad. Already, Mr. Walker is proving himself to be a dictator, not a govenor. We all have watched dictators fall, so for those of us with enough intelligence to know that Scott Walker is an empty, talking head, this is a good thing. We all anxiously anticipate Mr. Walker's fall. We can only hope it's on his head and he lives out the rest of his years unable to harm any more people than he already has. Besides, sitting in his own fecal matter in a sagging diaper seems a fitting end to his career.

Suggested Christmas Gifts for Scott Walker:

1. Anyone who won't be embarrassed to work in his administration.
2. Alcohol. I'm convinced this guy must be drunk 90% of the time to think he can govern anything.
3. A gas guzzling Cadillac SUV.
4. A brain.
5. Head-Lax. (Ex-lax for the brain. His is so obviously backed up with petrified icky things.)
6. Ice skates, for obvious reasons.
7. Thin ice on Lake Monona, to go with his new snowmobile.
8. A nose ring, so the rich can lead him around more easily.
9. A sweet, young, blonde secretary with political aspirations of her own.
10. Cranberries, for the obvious state-wide bog that is looming on the horizon.

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