Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Hate The Most

I don't actually hate much.....most things I find repugnant, I am pretty good at ignoring or keeping out of my life. Some things can't be ignored, though, even if they aren't a part of my life, like injustice and injury to vulnerable members of our society. Like children. Like human trafficking. I hate these things, but feel powerless to do much about them. I wish that were not the case.

But I do hate liars.

Liars astound me. What is it in their pathetic lives that make them lie in the first place? Are people who lie so bereft of anything positive in their lives that they make things up? I believe the worst liars are the ones who tell lies about other people.

The liars that make me unhinged are the ones who make up incredibly awful stories about other people, lies that are blatantly untrue. Or maybe they just tweak the reality to make the story better, or put themselves in a better light. Perhaps the liars wish the stories they tell were true, so they tell the lies hoping they'll actually become the truth. Unfortunately, those types of lies actually do take on the face of truth, if they are repeated by enough people.

Lies and the people who tell them are what I hate the most; and I really can't wait for some age of reckoning, a time when we'll all know the truth and the lies will be exposed. A very good invention would be a lie collar, that just lights up whenever someone is being dishonest. Until they invent one, though, I try to keep liars out of my life. It's pretty easy. The last thing a liar wants to be is around someone who is honest.

If you have the unfortunate experience of being the victim of someone else's lies about you, your life, your experience, you have my complete and utter sympathy. Confronting liars is fruitless; they will deny ever having said or done things; it's their nature. Honesty is very uncomfortable to them.

Meanwhile, be your own best lie detector.....if you've caught someone in a lie, he or she is a liar, and not likely to change. Venture carefully with these people, and never let them into your lives without keeping a very, wary eye on them. Most importantly, understand that the truth does have a way of always shining through at some point. So tell it. And hope that the damage done to you by the liars of the world is only temporary.

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