Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best Signs at the Madison Protest

1.  Walker is a Koch Whore

2.  Walker - Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Koch Industries.

3.  The Dread Scott Walker

4.  Walker - Finish Your Education While There Are Still Teachers.

5.  I'm a Teacher - Which Means I'm 100% Smarter Than a Fox News Reporter.

6.  Walker is a Koch Sucker.

7.  Hey Scott, Can You See Thru Your Koch-Bottle Glasses?

8.  My Cat is Smarter Than Walker.

9.  If the Richest 400 From Each State Was Fairly Taxed, There Wouldn't Be a Deficit.

10.  This is What Happens When Nobody Votes.

11.  Don't Drink The Tea - It's Full of Crap.

12.  Walker Was Asked To Leave Marquette University For Cheating, with a 2.3 GPA.

The day was cold, snowy and wonderful.....but I'm too chilled and too tired to talk or write anymore.  Thank you people for showing up in Madison today!  We have many days like today ahead of us, with clowns like this in office.  America is in a class war.  By sheer volume, we can win this one!  Down with the Ruling Class, Throw the Governor Out on His ASS!

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