Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

It is such a white nightmare!  Milwaukee is buried.  Our flights to Costa Rica are cancelled for tomorrow; hopefully, we'll get out of here on Friday.  On the safe and silver lining side, our friends did not have to drive across the state today to make our Thursday flight.  Not sure they would have made it, and if they did, it would probably have been the longest trip in the history of that ride.  I think we'll do better tomorrow.  So we lose a  vacation day......not exactly the end of the world.

This storm was quite remarkable.  It took me an hour to shovel from my back door to the back gate.  That's a distance of about twenty-five feet.  My dog went outside and promptly got stuck in the snow.  She's a springer, but it was hard for her to spring when she landed in a 4.5 foot drift.  I had to fish her out.  Then she whined because her toy got lost.  We dug for awhile looking for that.  Eventually, my husband, my neighbor and I managed to clear the walks around and in front of our house.  It took all morning.  We couldn't go anywhere, though.  The city plows didn't come through until about fifteen minutes ago.  My husband's car is in the garage.  It, also, isn't going anywhere until the private guy comes and plows out the alley. 

I have plenty of food and wine.  The furnace is running just fine.  The roof is new.  I have a lot to be thankful for.  I'd have a lot more to be thankful for if I lived in a more temperate climate.  I believe this trip to Costa Rica is going to be more than a vacation; I think we'll investigate some real estate possibilities.  If global warming means extremes in weather patterns, then this storm is indicative of things to come.  I do not want to be here in five years.  Frankly, I don't want to be here now.

Anyway, it's the big blizzard of 2011.  I am following the wisest being in my house today.  The kitty is curled on the bed sound asleep.  I'm going to join him.  Some days were just meant for cat napping.   Purr!

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