Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not in Costa Rica Yet

I'm still stuck in the frozen wasteland of Wisconsin.  My past two flights to Costa Rica have been cancelled, duh, you think maybe because I was routed through Texas?  Idiots.  Continental Airlines tried to pass me off to a connection in Newark on Tuesday.  Right.  By then, my vacation is going to be half over.  Actually, I had an agent on the phone, once I could find a freakin' number for Continental to actually talk to someone, who was very sympathetic and who managed to get us out of here, hopefully tomorrow.  Great.  I've only missed four days of my vacation now.  At least I don't have to connect in Texas.  I wouldn't trust those crackers to de-ice a porterhouse steak much less an airplane.

So, about the time the Packers begin their journey to another NFL title, I should be landing in Costa Rica.  We'll see.  I'm kind of hoping the airline will broadcast the SuperBowl, but I kind of wish they'd provide a meal on a six and a half hour flight, and they won't do that, either.   I'm not complaining, though.  Just PUH-LEEZE get me the Hell out of Wisconsin.

I took my dog for a walk in Washington Park this morning.  Halfway through the park, the plowed walkway ended.  I tried walking across a field of thigh deep snow.  Then I crawled.  Finally, I rolled.  My dog thought this was great fun.  I did not.   There is something extremely pathetic about a 59 year old woman rolling across a field of snow.  If anyone ever needed a vacation, I do.  My SADS has sadly turned into SNOW PSYCHOSIS.  I won't be building any snow men.  I won't be making any snow angels.  The only thing on which I intend expending any effort  is bending my elbow to take the mojito to my cracked, chapped lips, and slipping into my private saline pool.

So, constant readers, I thought I might write something while I was away, but I will be taking a much needed vacation from everything, including this blog.  Should something truly stupendous happen, I will find a way to share the info.

Meanwhile, I am, a grateful Citizen X.....or I will be on takeoff tomorrow.

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