Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Education System in Chaos

Here we are, two months into Scott Walker's administration, and already some things are in absolute chaos and total disarray.

There are four school districts closed down this morning, in protest over Scott Walker's intention to destroy collective bargaining union rights for Wisconsin's teachers.  Everyone knows that Wisconsin teachers are underpaid to begin with.  Why go after the underdog?

Because that's what Scott Walker does.  He did this in Milwaukee County, and he is taking the same approach (apparently the only approach he knows) as leader of the State.  Mr. Walker goes after the little people and squeezes them dry so the ultra-rich, i.e., Scott Walker supporters, can hold onto their millions without paying taxes.

Who suffers?  The kids.  So basically, Scott Walker is guilty of child abuse, along with his long list of other atrocious behaviors. 

I have to take issue with Wisconsinites here.  The majority of you elected Scott Walker, based on a pack of lies he spoon fed to you in 30 second soundbites. 

If you elect a governor based on his rhetorical soundbites, this is what you get.  A complete @sshole in charge.  He gave you what you wanted to hear.  What you didn't get was that there was NOTHING, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, in Scott Walker's platform that made sense, was well thought out or even remotely close to the truth.  You didn't do your research.  Shame on you.  You are as stupid as Scott Walker, and you deserve the crap that is flying out of Madison.  Unfortunately, people who did do their research are also getting covered.  We blame you.  We won't forget.

I can see Scott Walker in his comfy office at the State Capitol, rubbing his hands together because he's making such a name for himself in radical right wing circles, grinning his moronic grin. Never mind the chaos in the education system, and the fact that people who have worked extremely hard their entire careers educating Wisconsin's children, now stand the chance of losing basic, fundamental rights.

My husband and I are making preparations to leave Wisconsin.  We can't stand living in a State where all intellectual thought seems to have flown the coop. 

Does anyone else see the irony in the fact Scott Walker has been in office less than two months and has managed to MUCK up everything?  Your leader.  The emperor has no clothes, but what's really sad is the emperor has no brain, either.  Nor does he have any compassion. 

Recall Scott Walker, NOW!

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