Friday, February 18, 2011

What Budget Crisis?

There is no real budget crisis in the State of Wisconsin.

For Scott Walker to say that his deliberate attempts to destroy unions is what the people voted for is an outright lie.  Oh  there is a big surprise; Scott Walker is a liar.

I invite people with short memories to revisit the campaign Scott Walker mounted.  When did he ever claim that he would, in effect, gut state employee unions?  NEVER.  This is a campaign mounted by right wing nuts and the ultra-rich, the only people stupid enough to actually support Scott Walker.  This is a well-organized, nationalized campaign by the 2% of the people with REAL money who actually are running this country.  Scott Walker isn't smart enough to have this agenda on his own.

In fact, Scott Walker isn't smart enough to read a newspaper or take the pulse of the citizens he says he represents.  Scott Walker represents one class of people, and it's not the common man.  If the intelligent people in this state are truly smart, they will figure out how to make Mr. Walker's ignorance work for them.  Puppets can say anything we want them to say, after all.   And if the common man is smart, they will stand up to the bullying tactics of the ultra rich, whose only objective is to protect their own selfish interests, at any cost.

I think America is in real trouble here, and on the brink of revolution.  Maybe the ultra-rich should reconsider having most of the money as opposed to having all of the money.  Shouldn't that be good enough?   

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