Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scott Walker on Meet The Press --- What an Embarrassment for Wisconsin

Scott Walker, just like his counterpart, Sarah Palin, proved himself to be an absolutely horrifying embarrassment this morning on "Meet the Press".  The man can't answer a legitimate question without promoting his ideology.  That his ideology is rabid, right wing, republican rhetoric and citizens should be protected from his vile lies and completely skewered perspectives doesn't seem to matter.

Mr. Walker wakes up in the morning.  His political advisers sit him down and make him memorize three or four platitudinous responses to any questions that may arise during the course of the day.  Mr. Walker goes on national television and pulls from his bag of platitudinous tricks one platitude after another.  When confronted on "Meet the Press" with the fact that Wisconsin public employees had agreed to pay more for their benefits and contribute more to their pensions, and why wasn't that good enough, Mr. Walker referred to his experience as Milwaukee County Executive.

I worked under Mr. Walker at Milwaukee County.  In the six years prior to my retirement, I received not a penny in a pay raise, and my benefit costs were raised.  I knew I was getting a sweet deal on health care, so I did not complain.  Mr. Walker proved, as Milwaukee County Executive, that he would not negotiate with unions, and in this case, especially on wages.  Mr. Walker is a union buster.  Mr. Walker and his rich cronies want to take the United States back to the 1800's, back to the time of robber barons; when the rich owners could impose or withhold anything on the working class, get away with atrocious acts as far as their pay, their health, their working conditions and their safety were concerned.  This behavior led to labor organization in the first place.

America can't go backward.  America can't have backward thinkers. Not in this high-tech age.

I am so embarrassed by Scott Walker.  I am so embarrassed that not enough thoughtful people got out to vote in last November's gubernatorial race.  I am appalled at the apathy that exists in the youth of our country.  Of course, and in their defense, we are showing them a nation so beyond being completely screwed up, it is understandable why they would not have a belief that a vote could make a difference.   What legacy is America leaving to it's youth?  Rich old white men willing to destroy education for the masses.  A history of warmongering to support an industrial-military complex so rich old white men can get richer, older and more vile.

I think America is on the skids.  Is that why these billionaires are so scared?  Maybe they should get their hands off America, convert their dollars to gold bars and go live on a tax free island where their financial leprosy won't infect any more innocent people.

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