Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liar Liar Pants on Fire, Nose as Long as a Scott Walker Fascist

I am so sick of seeing Scott Walker taking to the media and lying.  He sat bold faced and said that the police and firefighters unions were not part of his current program to gut employee unions bargaining rights because they are needed to quell the disturbances in Madison and to keep peace and safety. 
Bull$hit.  They are not part of his plan because they financially supported his campaign.

People adept at reading body language and faces will recognize the insipid look that crosses Walker's features every time he tells a lie; in other words, his usual face.  How does this guy live with himself?  Oh, there is no self, I forget, when you're a talking head of the rich.

Scott Fitzgerald stated repeatedly "this bill is not negotiable, this bill is not negotiable", referring to the Budget Repair Bill that is threatening so many workers' rights.  Scott Fitzgerald looks like Hitler, sounds like Hitler, and he probably smells like Hitler. In other words, suspiciously like pork.  Everywhere there's lots of piggies, leading piggy lives. 

Wisconsinites need to band together and rescue the state from these fascists. 

All the current ads attacking teachers and state workers for their presence in Madison instead of in the classroom and agencies are mounted by big money, really big money.  Let's go after big money.  Let's tax them at a fair rate.  Let's see how well they'd sit for that without mounting a huge campaign to stop it.  The people who mounted this anti-union campaign send their children to private school, their kids are missing nothing.  Our kids may not be in the classroom, but they are learning a valuable civics lesson on how fragile true democracy is.  They are also learning about the real threat of fascism, right in front of their television sets.  This may mean far more, education-wise, than dissecting a frog.

Big money, we will defeat you.  We will not allow your fascist behaviors to disrupt democracy.  We will not allow big money to take over American Democracy. So go out to dinner with your piggy wives, while there are still people willing to serve you.  Sooner or later, all of us will be a part of the revolution.

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