Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wicky Wacky Walker the Wiener

Is this clown for real?  I'm gone two weeks, and already he's destroying the State of Wisconsin. 

First of all, where does this moron come off, deciding that any state employee whose union did not support him in the gubernatorial election is fair game for destroying their union?  That's not governance, that's fascism.  Walker is a fascist.  Worse, he's an ignorant fascist, not unlike Adolph Hitler. 

What's next?  Are liberals going to have to sew a blue bleeding heart to their sleeves?  Are we going to be sent to deconcentration camps, where our intelligence will be sucked out so we can't question Republican's idiotic methodology?

We live in interesting times.  Scott Walker, and a lot of right wingnuts who share the same misguided ideals and who have managed to get themselves elected to powerful positions, seems to be balancing precariously on anarchy.  And yet, they are so incredibly ignorant they don't see it.  They think they are leading in a "conservative" direction.  No government can oppress all of the people all of the time.  That these clowns don't believe it is indicative of the future to come.  We'll all get to watch the whole country disintegrate.   That disintegration will come as an answer to the Republican rhetoric.  I wonder what they will say then.  Ah, screw what they'll say.  I guess the good thing about anarchy is we'll all get a break from these wagging, lying, incompetent, unimaginative, unholy Republican tongues.

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