Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amerika - Land of Idiots, Morons, Stupids and Even More Stupids

Can you believe the U.S. House of Representatives adopted Paul Ryan's budget plan - a plan that robs the average American of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid Benefits?

I can't.

But then, I always forget that this country is full of ignorant, uneducated, truly dumb people.  That's who votes these yokels in, and that's who keeps them in power; because these morons don't understand that what is coming out of Paul Ryan's mouth, and what is coming out of Washington as law, are two VERY DIFFERENT things.

You want to know the fix for Amerika?  Make wealthy people pay their fair share of taxes.  Stop promoting the military/industrial complex, i.e., get the F*ck out of every conflict on the planet and start addressing the conflicts here.  Socialize medicine, because health for profit means a lot of dead bodies on the road.   And finally, limit all political terms, so that we don't have career politicians who are basically $hit speaking Arseholes. 

Or move.  To Europe.  Although, I love Europe, and would hate to see it invaded by a bunch of cracker a$$ Amerikans.

This country is in the dumper.  It stinks.

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