Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Declare Joann Kloppenburg the Winner

Actually, I declare David Prosser the Loser.  With a Capital L.  This guy has about as much business showing up for a judgeship as I have showing up at the Fox Six News Desk to report the unbiased truth.

I'm going to predict right now that there will be all kinds of problems with the votes cast for David Prosser during recounts, and that Ms. Kloppenburg will win by a far greater margin than originally reported.  Just guessing, but this guy is way outside the law, as are the people who voted for him.  Prosser as a supreme court justice is exactly the same as Charlie Manson as the Los Angeles County Sheriff.  But it is the United States, so far stranger things have happened and will continue to happen.

Meanwhile, sleep my children in peace and tender.  Some sanity is returning to the the inimitable (we can only hope) State of Wisconsin.  Gotta get that Scott Walker recall rolling so he can ride his (low speed) rail when the time limit is up.  And WHAT are we going to do about that Freakin' Moron, Paul Ryan?  His head is so empty it could be its own black hole. The guy is like Opie Taylor on crack and white lightening.  Someone take him to a D.C. brothel and get him some relief from all that pent up stupid.  Let's pin his ears back next.  He's not the republican poster boy, he's the freakin' elephant.  Aren't you GOPers embarrassed enough yet?  Everyone knows I have no sympathy, but I'm actually embarrassed for you.  I feel sorry for the ultra-sorry state of your membership.

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