Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oil Can Scotty's Actual Report Card

Scott Walker gave himself a grade of B+ on his first 100 days in the governor's office.  I am going to venture a guess that Scott Walker never in his life received a grade as high as a B+, not in high school, not in "some" college, not anywhere.  But he does have a rather skewed way of looking at things.  Let's actually give Scott Walker a report card.

1.  Avariciousness.  A++.  This man will go to any lengths to promote his rabid right agenda.
2.  Intelligence.  Incomplete.  Or Non-existent.....your choice.
3.  Lying.  A++.  Actually Psychopaths do not know they are lying, they believe their lies. 
4. Maneuvering.  D-.  He tries, but he just isn't smart enough.  The average 3rd grader can out think him.
5. Egregiousness.  A++.  Everything he does is seriously harmful to someone.  Usually many someones.
6. Nepotism.  A++.  Anyone who gave Scott Walker money will get something back from him.
7. Totalitarianism.  A++.  Emperor Walker has elevated himself way past the political hack stage where he belongs.  He truly thinks he's above the law, and if he finds out that he isn't, he'll change the law.

So Oil Can Scotty is an Ailment that the State of Wisconsin will have to suffer, like a festering boil in the groin.  Hopefully, we'll only have to suffer the Ailment for 265 more days, when he becomes available for Recall.

In the comment section of Oil Can Scotty's Report Card, this reviewer states:

Scott honestly doesn't grasp simple concepts of leadership.  He doesn't work well with Democrats and he bullies the working class at every opportunity.  Special education classes may help Scott, but recess seems to be his only time to shine.  Should be held back.  Should be considered for enrollment in a less demanding school.

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Money makes the mare go.